How To Make Your Guests Feel Welcome And Start Their Static Caravan Holiday The Right Way

The one comment that we would consistently get back from anyone that rented our static caravan was how much they appreciated the welcome gifts that were waiting for them when they walked in through the caravan door. The general feedback was that after a long stressful drive, it was such a nice relief to have enough supplies ready for a cup of tea or coffee and a snack for the kids as well as a game to keep them occupied leaving the parents some piece to unpack the car.

What I’m talking about is a welcome pack, a little basket of goodies, laid out on the table welcoming your guests to their holiday. It might seem like a bit of an expense but the good feeling it generates is well worth spending a little money on, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. Although contents would sometimes vary slightly depending on what we could get hold of in general there would be some variation of all of the following.

  • Handful of teabags
  • Coffee sachets
  • Milk portions
  • Sugar sachets
  • Biscuits (little packets like you’d find in a hotel)
  • A Wine miniature (this always went down very well
  • Kids drink cartons
  • Small selection of sweets
  • Some kids play item (colouring book and crayons etc

The maximum budget for this was always set at £10, but more often than not the actual spend fell well below that and the cost was always incorporated into the rental price. If your able to get access to your caravan before your guests arrive, we can’t recommend this enough. It brightens up the mood of your (often) stressed out guests, leaves them a good first impression of your caravan and that first impression is so important for having them enjoy their holiday, recommend you and maybe even come back again.

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