New Testimonials Feature For Our Caravan Advertisers


We’ve added a new feature to the site recently for our caravan owners allowing them to include testimonials on their page. Testimonials are a great way for both owners to get a stamp of approval on their page and for holiday makers to feel more relaxed about booking something that they can see others have enjoyed.

If you’ve stayed at any of the caravans our owners have listed here, please consider dropping them or us a quick email with your opinion of your holiday so that the owner can include it on their testimonials section. You’re not just helping the owner, but you’ll be helping others make a wise holiday choice too.

If you’re interested in viewing the testimonials for a particular caravan you will find them towards the bottom of the page in the caravan and park details section. You will see a testimonials tab there, just click that and if there’s any available you can read them. Here’s an example in this caravan we have listed in Blackpool.

Any feedback on this or any other site feature is always welcome, feel free to post in the comments of this blog post if you want to ask anything.

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