Ten Tips To Enjoy Your Static Caravan Holiday

Top ten tips for private caravan holiday

We’ve compiled a little list of ten things to think about when booking and heading off to your caravan holiday. There’s nothing worse than arriving after a long drive to find that you’ve overlooked something, or something you assumed would be available isn’t. So hopefully there will be something in this little top ten list that will be of use to you and will help to make your holiday an enjoyable experience.

  1. Security deposits – Often when booking a static caravan the owner will request a security deposit. This is normally anywhere from £50 to £200 and is usually separate from the cost of the holiday. This deposit is used to cover any losses or damages as a result of your stay at the caravan. Assuming all went well with your stay at the caravan the deposit will normally be returned to you within 14 days of your return home. Be sure to check with the owner what they’re conditions are for the deposit.
  2. Park passes – A lot of parks now require passes to use the facilities on site, this is particularly true of the larger groups such as Haven, Parkdean etc. Check with the owner if passes are included in the cost of your holiday. If not be sure to find out how much they are and include them in the overall costs, unless of course you don’t plan to use any park facilities.
  3. Pets – Some owners accept pets and some don’t, also some parks accept pets and some don’t. If you plan on taking your dog or any other animal with you be sure to check with the owner and the park that pets are accepted. If you don’t disclose this information you could find your security deposit lost or possibly even evicted from the park.
  4. Infants / Toddlers – Don’t assume that the caravan will have sleeping facilities for very young children. If your child is still in a cot at night, check if one is available or if you need to bring your own. Also double check that the caravan is suitable for infants and toddlers, you don’t want to arrive and find there is open decking with a ten foot drop.
  5. Bedding and linen – Check if the caravan provides bedding, towels, linen etc. If they don’t then you may need to bring everything with you but even if they do you may want to bring your own as you won’t know the quality of what will be there.
  6. Bring the basics – After a long drive to your holiday caravan there is nothing worse than arriving to find that you need to go on a shopping trip to get some basics like tea, coffee, bread etc. Also the shops on caravan parks can be more expensive than your normal supermarket. So make sure you bring at least the bare essentials so that you can relax when you arrive and not have to go hunt down the nearest store. You may also want to ensure you have a tin opener, bottle opener and scissors in case they are not supplied.
  7. Entertainment – We all know how unpredictable the weather can be, so it’s a good idea to bring something for those rainy days or just to keep the kids quiet when you need a rest. Often a caravan will have board games; DVD’s and perhaps even a game console. But it’s a good idea to bring your own so that you don’t spend those whole rainy days spending money in the arcades.
  8. Torch / Flashlight – It’s a good idea to take some kind of torch or flashlight with you, you never know when the unexpected can happen like for example a power cut on the caravan park or maybe the electric in your caravan trips out or blows a fuse.
  9. Gas / Electric – Most static caravans these days have piped gas and are wired into electricity circuits. However some parks may still use gas bottles, so it’s wise when you arrive to familiarise yourself with things like, where is the boiler and how do you turn it on/off, where is the fuse box and what do we do if the gas bottle does run out.
  10. Make the most of it – Even if the weather doesn’t quite turn out as you had hoped or the caravan or park isn’t quite what you had imagined it would be, remember that you’ve spent money and taken time out to come on holiday. So enjoy the break and either relax or take in all the local thrills and sites, depending what makes you happy.

So there is our top ten list of things to think about when booking your caravan holiday. We hope you found it useful and that it will help you be prepared for the next time you book. We would love to hear your feedback so if you have any comments or any more tips, please post them below or send them to us on twitter or facebook.

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