Review of Breakers Bar / Restaurant at Brightholme Holiday Park, Brean

Breakers Bar, Brightholme Brean

A few weeks ago we went to Brean for the weekend and stayed at a caravan park I hadn't tried before called Beachside Holiday Park. It was a nice little park with access to the beach and a bar/cafe called the Sundowner. It was also very pet friendly and was a gated community which is always nice to see. However the park isn't the subject of this post, what I really wanted to talk about was a very nice bar/restaurant we found on the last night of the trip.

Near to the caravan park was another park called Brightholme, it’s just a little walk down from the entrance to the funfair car park. I can’t really say what the park itself is like as I didn't get a chance to walk around it, however at the front of the park is a restaurant / bar called Breakers that’s open to the public as well as residents.

We had passed this bar several times during our weekend and had paid it no notice, I think because I tend to assume a bar on a caravan park is for the patrons of the park only. However the people in the caravan next to us told us that they had gone there the night before and had a very nice meal. So on the last night we decided we would go there around five for an early dinner.

It was a beautiful sunny day which always helps to make you feel good of course but we decided to sit inside rather than out in the beer garden. They didn't actually start serving until 6pm so we just got some drinks and waited. There was an internal bar area with stage, a glass conservatory area and a beer garden, all of which were clean and well organised with friendly staff.

There was a nice big play area that my daughter soon discovered and of course we barely saw her for the rest of the time we were there. There was a small room of arcade machines, but it was tucked out of the way to the side and not in your face as it is in so many places.

When it came to time to order food, the menu was simple and just had your typical pub/grill options but prices were reasonable and the food was of a high quality. Service was exceptional with very friendly and helpful waitresses and we left them a nice tip.

From this experience we would happily recommend this restaurant to friends and family and if we ever go to Brean again in a caravan we would probably look at this site first to stay in. Even if we stay somewhere else we would go to the restaurant again and maybe a little later at night to see what entertainment they put on in the evenings.

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